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fp.tv is For Sale!

fp.tv is currently for sale on the DNX's live exchange. If you are interested in this domain you can can either place an offer below or purchase it immediately below.

fp.tv is still available to buy.
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September 23, 2014 21:59:05 UTC
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Why buy fp.tv ?

DNX uses a unique approach to selling domains where we heavily filter domain submissions to only allow the listing of quality domains at fair market prices. Many domain sellers are domain investors who cycle through their domain portfolios and to stay current with market trends. The result is the price you see today will not be the price you see in the future.

Why buy today?

The domain market fluctuates in a similar way to the stock market where there are better times to buy than others. In the long-term picture however there is a clear upwards trend in the value of domain names ( See Internet Domain Name Index ).

The toughest part of buying your perfect domain is getting a seller to respond and list it for sale.

Historical fp.tv Price Drops

Domains listed on DNX will drop in price until they are sold, an offer is accepted or the seller's minimum price has been reached. Below is the list of most recent price drops for fp.tv

Current Price Drop 16 Drop 15 Drop 14 Drop 13 Drop 12 ~~~ Original Price
$8,113.00 $8,113.00 $8,168.00 $8,257.00 $8,403.00 $8,503.00 ~~~ $9,668.00

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